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After two years of observing my PSA level it jumped from 3.5 to 4.5 in one year I underwent a biopsy which confirmed prostate cancer, stage 2, Gleason 7 (3+4). A further MRI confirmed the diagnosis and the presence of cancer.

I consulted in Israel with an experienced professional in each of the possible treatments – Robotic surgery and Radiation and Hormone therapy. I was debating between the different treatments and was very concerned about the potential side effects specifically incontinence and loss of sexual function.

The research was unpleasant and I felt that this was a wild market with every doctor providing different statistics and promoting himself.

After much consideration, I decided I would proceed with the Robotic surgery but I will find a surgeon that had performed this operation thousands of times. The possible downsides seemed too significant for me to just flow with the system and accept whatever doctor was designated to me

I found out about Dr. Samadi by chance while researching and reviewing online and contacted his office and sent them my test results. I was surprised that Dr. Samadi himself called me and discussed my case and the materials with me. We scheduled a meeting and he came to his office specially to meet my wife and I on a Sunday. He examined me and walked me through the process and answered all my questions. I decided that he would be my doctor.

We scheduled a date for the operation at a time that was convenient for me and I showed up on that morning at Lenox Hill Hospital in Manhattan. There is a wing of the hospital that is reserved for Dr. Samadi’s patients that looks more like a luxury hotel with private rooms. I stayed there after the operation for a day and a half (which was very pleasant considering the circumstances) and then moved to a temporary apartment. After 9 days I arrived at Dr. Samadi’s office for the removal of the catheter, and after two weeks I was back in Israel.

To summarize – I was totally continent immediately upon removal of the catheter and my sexual function returned within a very short period. Yesterday – at 6 weeks following the surgery my PSA is undetectable.

There are some that would say that I was lucky and fell into the good side of the statistics, but I think I helped my luck considerably by choosing Dr. Samadi. You may be lucky with another surgeon as well, but Dr. Samadi’s skill level and exceptional experience ensured me the best and most professional treatment – with no regrets later that I should have performed this procedure elsewhere.

One last word – Dr. Samadi’s accessibility by messaging or phone is extraordinary especially for a famous surgeon. This disease and the therapy dictate a stressful and disheartening period. The ability to communicate with Dr. Samadi in real time and receive responses in short order was reassuring and comforting and definitely out of the ordinary compared to other surgeons.

Ron N

Ron N
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