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I had robotic prostate surgery at Mount Sinai on February 2nd of this year. I want to take a moment and tell you how pleased I am with the surgery and the attention given to me while I was at Mount Sinai.

Prior to entering the hospital my family and I were attended to by Dr. Samadi and his team; their support was unbelievable. Tressa, Helen and Rosaria’s attention to our needs made the preparation and the days leading up to the surgery very manageable.

When we arrived at the hospital on the day of the surgery we were treated in a professional, efficient, and caring manner. While being processed prior to the surgery, everyone was very helpful. I particularly remember a nurse who I believe was named Rose. She made my wife and I feel comfortable and relaxed. She genuinely seemed to care about our well being. Rose’s personality was infectious; at times she had us smiling and laughing.

I do not know how to express my feeling about the actual operation. When I entered the operating room, I was at ease and knew I was in the hands of the “best team”. I know this is related to all of the confidence I have in Dr. Samadi and his team. Believe me when I say that I was relaxed and confident; not a small achievement given that I am 61 years old and had never been sick, let alone operated on for cancer.

When I awoke in the recovery room, I was amazed at the ability of one of the nurses. Again, I hope I have her name right, Moung Sak Kim. I was in recovery for six hours and during the entire time she made sure I was comfortable while attending to other patients and answering what seemed to be an unending stream of requests and telephone calls. The most impressive aspects of Moung Sak Kim’s performance was her take-charge attitude. She remained calm, polite, caring and efficient while managing tasks that I am sure would cause most professionals to come unraveled. She was amazing. When I was leaving recovery, she even took the time to wish me well and apologize for not spending more time attending to my needs. Can you imagine? Mount Sinai and I are fortunate that there are professionals like Moung Sak Kim!

I spent the night in 11 West where the staff allowed my wife and I to rest and recover after a challenging day. The first nurse who attended to me was named Venus. She helped me understand how to be comfortable in my new environment and was attentive to our needs. I never felt like I was a burden. Venus made us feel like she was a friend who was there to help us. The next morning we were attended to by a nurse named Cecilia. Given that I was now awake and anxious to move about, Cecilia was perfect. She knew my goal was to go home and she helped me get up and move around. You obviously have a well-trained staff!

While I was home I received calls from Dr. Samadi, members of his team and Cecilia, all inquiring as to how I was and giving me tips on how to remain comfortable.

I know I missed many people who helped my family during my stay, but my real purpose is to say thank you to everyone. Your help got my family through a very difficult time.

Best regards,

Pat W.

Pat W.
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