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Dear Doctor Samadi,
I write to convey to you two simple, but important words. They are, THANK YOU.
THANK YOU for agreeing to see me on Friday, September 8.
THANK YOU for putting together such a warm, gracious and patient-centered team to receive the members of my party and myself upon our arrival.
THANK YOU for the great respect that both you and your staff demonstrated for the invaluable asset we call time.
THANK YOU for relating to me with such kindness, and frankness mixed with good humor.
THANK YOU for agreeing to do the surgery, and for emphasizing that it will involve a lot of work.
THANK YOU for applying to the procedure your giftedness and very high professionalism expressed in such a beautiful frame of humility.
THANK YOU for deciding to perform the surgery on the day that marked the beginning of a very holy period on the Jewish calendar.
THANK YOU for putting together a surgical team, comprising people who are highly skilled, warm, gracious, understanding and appreciative of good humor. I will never forget their kindness.
THANK YOU for sharing with us in prayer and for asking me to lay hands on and pray for the instrument that you would use to perform the surgery.
THANK YOU for bringing to bear upon the challenging procedure all your mental and physical energies, giftedness, high level of training and experience as well as a strong sense of dependence upon God.
THANK YOU for not damaging my “sense of humor” nerve.
THANK YOU for coming to see me at 6:20 on Friday morning.
THANK YOU for your parting words, “we will be friends for a long time.”
THANK YOU for expressing a desire to visit our church. 

Wishing you the very best,

Winston Stewart from Hempstead, New York, age 70

Winston Stewart
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