Shaya H.

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Dr. Samadi is in a league of his own. After receiving a prostate cancer diagnosis in August 2015, I did an exhaustive research of all the major doctors, treatment and institutions in the tri-state area. I met with five accomplished and renowned doctors, basically the cream of the crop in urologic oncology care.

While I am sure they are great doctors in their own right, I am here to tell you – don’t’ waste your time. Dr. Samadi and his team are far superior in every respect. Even after this was clear to me, I still had my reservations about the impending prostatectomy, but Dr. Samadi said no problem, we’ll review it again. He sat with me and discussed all possible complications while assuring me they likely would not happen.

My surgery was scheduled for 7AM the morning of November 16th. At 6:30 the doctor was already there and waiting for me along with the anesthesiologist, both of whom kept me calm and worry-free during a clearly stressful time. My wife waited in a private room and by 10AM the surgery was finished and I was wheeled into Dr. Samadi’s special wing in Lennox Hill. It was like a 5-star hotel. I received VIP accommodation for every need – medication, food, cleanliness, everything. I was pleasantly surprised to find that within hours I was able to walk around. In the evenings and mornings to follow, Dr. Samadi came personally to check on me and the others in our wing.

Two days later I was home with minor discomfort on Extra Strength Tylenol. One week later I had my catheter removed. Unfortunately, I was part of the 20% who incur a side effect post-surgery of having difficulty emptying the bladder on my own. I called the office as soon as I realized what was going on and was told to go to the nearest emergency room or return to their facilities. I opted to return and they were ready to receive and relieve me immediately.

I was able to come right back home after they reinstated the catheter. Even though Dr. Samadi was celebrating Thanksgiving, he called to make sure I was okay, I called the offices when they were closed for the holidays, and instead of the typical answering machine or services, I spoke with the on-call medical assistant. A few days later the catheter was removed again, this time with no complications.

Since then, the doctors and staff have been in contact with me throughout the past few weeks.Every day I am improving and I was back to work, and back to normal, much sooner than I had anticipated. Throughout the entire process, I received first class service. Every appointment had a maximum wait time of 5 minutes. The amazing thing is there were 25-30 men waiting, and all were treated the same way. The facility, the staff, every facet of the ordeal and every step of the way, I felt I was in the best hands. To Dr. Samadi and his team, my family and I cannot thank you enough.

Shaya H.
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