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I have announced to my family and close friends that January 22 is my new “birthday”. For it was on this date that I had my successful surgery with Dr. Samadi.

Two months prior, I was diagnosed with a Gleason 6 score prostate cancer. For a relatively healthy 45-year old, it came as a shock but it was something I accepted. For a month, I did my research and met with several doctors in Toronto. But it was only after my consultation with Dr. Samadi in New York did I truly feel confident and comfortable with my choice of treatment and surgeon. I chose a January date as it was a convenient time for me at work. At first, Dr. Samadi advised that he was fully booked in January — but after I repeated my preference, he was thoughtful enough to perform the surgery on a Saturday to accommodate me! This gracious act only but confirmed the right decision to go with Dr. Samadi.

The surgery took an hour and a half in the morning and I was discharged from Mt Sinai the next afternoon. On hindsight, I should have taken something stronger than Tylenol 3 to manage the pain. However, the only uncomfortable part for me was the gas (and not the catheter, as I originally feared). On the 6th day, I was back at his office for my post-op follow up and removal of the catheter. I celebrated this milestone with a lunch with my brother at the MOMA. And on the 7th day, I walked 20 blocks, albeit in a turtle’s pace!

I have been seeing my urologist in Toronto regularly since then and have gone back to New York to see Dr. Samadi in May. My blood tests since surgery have indicated undetectable PSA levels and I am back to my normal activities. And as I write this testimonial on my 7th-month post-surgery, I am only but thankful to Dr. Samadi and his brilliance — and for giving me a new birthday! Needless to say, no man is an island and Dr. Samadi is surrounded by an outstanding staff working around the clock, especially Anne Angcaya at his office and surgery room nurse Alex Alamon, both of whom were extremely professional and reassuring.

Gary L. – Canada

Gary L.
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