Barry G.

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Dear Dr. Samadi:

I would like to express how grateful I am that I went ahead with the robotic prostatectomy. I am completely satisfied with the results. Since, the pain and discomfort after surgery were less than I anticipated, I did not need to take the Percocet and instead relied on extra strength Tylenol. Furthermore, I never experienced any noticeable bladder spasms, so I did not need to take Detrol LA. Yesterday was 6 weeks from the surgery and I feel normal. My incontinence is now negligible, and I can control myself about 99% of the time. I stopped wearing Depend Guards and now rely only on an extremely thin protective liner. Hopefully, in the near future I won’t even need the liner. Believe it or not, last Sunday without any medication I had a slight erection.

As you know, I was doing active surveillance and taking holistic supplements for quite some time. In hindsight, I believe this was a mistake on my part. I should have scheduled the surgery as soon as I was diagnosed. Instead, I waited until my carcinoma progressed to stage 2 and invaded the capsule. I was lucky the malignancy did not spread outside the capsule.

In conclusion, I whole heartily endorse the robotic procedure under your skilled hands, and would recommend it to any one who finds himself in a similar situation.

Barry G.

PS: I am a retired high school music teacher and professional musician. Last week approximately 5 weeks after my surgery I returned to my music, and once again began playing the saxophone, clarinet, flute and piano without any discomfort.

Barry G.
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