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It was the beginning months of 2011 when I got the shocking news that I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Not only was it a challenging day for me full of fear and anxiety but on the same day my wife was also diagnosed with Breast Cancer.

When I found out about my diagnosis and the option of removing the prostate and its benefits, I began the journey of searching for the best physician. I started to meet with doctors and professors in my home country of Israel.

After much research, we came to the conclusion that the best option was for me to have surgery with Dr. David Samadi. Below are some of the reasons that led me to my decision:

  • Dr. Samadi has performed over 3400 Robotic Prostatectomy’s.
  • The surgery would be performed with a Robot and not open.
  • Numerous people in Israel had already had surgery with Dr. Samadi and they highly recommended him.
  • Human warmth of his medical team. Specifically that he has a person dedicated to your case from start to finish. Rosie Fodera was our point person who was so nice and helpful. She was with us through ought the entire process from start to finish with great patience not to mention paying attention to every detail of my test results and forms. In addition to ensuring that all the information required was in place before we arrived to New York.
  • Dr. Samadi’s amazing personality that gave us the confidence and helped us understand all aspects of my diagnoses and the surgery. Most importantly that the entire surgery was done by Dr. Samadi and he was there to make us feel comfortable and safe.

Overall I want to thank you and your staff for the wonderful work, and all your attention. Not only for the amazing attention you gave us but for also giving me life back and for and for the fact that I am cancer free with the help of god.

I will recommend Dr. Samadi and his staff to my friends and family.
Again a huge thanks!

Aaron P., Tel Aviv

Aaron P.
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