Skin Cancer Foundation’s Annual “Road to Healthy Skin” Tour

Most people only think about skin cancer in the summer months when we spend much more time outside, in the sun and at the beach. When summer rolls around we’re constantly told about how we should not go out into the sun without sunblock and given reminders about how to protect ourselves from the sun’s rays.

Most of the time we wear coats and long sleeve shirts and pants during the winter to keep warm, but we are still exposed to the sun’s rays and skin cancer is still a very real threat.

I would bet many of you haven’t even looked at your sunblock in the last few months. With that said, the Skin Cancer Foundation’s fourth annual “Road to Healthy Skin” tour is about to start. The tour is dedicated to educating people about skin cancer and providing free skin cancer examinations by local dermatologists in their specially equipped RV. Starting on March 11th, the tour will be coming to 25 states, and will be making about 80 stops. The Skin Cancer Foundation says that over the past three years they’ve found over 200 suspected cases of melanoma

Skin Cancer Foundation’s Annual “Road to Healthy Skin” Tour
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